Wavelabs conducts 5 days Machine Learning Bootcamp for Aspiring Engineers of Tomorrow

Machine Learning Bootcamp

The Machine Learning Training Session was conducted by MaLAI Club at Anurag Group of Institutions for 5 days in a row from 26th to 30th April. It was a well packaged session that covered the concepts of the most trending topic in the industry, Machine Learning. M. Sadiq (Product Lead), M. V. Sasank (Machine Learning Engineer) from Wavelabs collaborated with A. Obleshu (Professor) from Anurag Group of Institutions to make it successful.

The aim of the session was to provide the answers to questions what-is, why and how-to of machine learning and the Lean Methodology. Training on Python and other useful libraries like NumPy and matplotlib was also carried out.

The session was initially started off with the explaining what machine learning is all about, its impact on the industry, various applications, how is changing the things in day-to-day life, career opportunities, and its future. In the session, underlying concepts of machine learning, its broad scope and workflow were covered. In workflow, there are various stages namely: data acquisition, exploratory data analytics, data preparation and cleaning, training the model, performance evaluation and integration. The students were trained in writing machine learning programs using scikit-learn, a very widely used python package that offers many algorithms. Insights were provided into the software application development lifecycle at Wavelabs using the Lean methodology. Discussions happened about, how to extract features from the idea of an entrepreneur, write user-personas, how to write user-stories, change management, testing deployment and maintenance. This enabled the students to work on their mini-projects in the Lean methodology.

It was delightful experience sharing a bond with Anurag Group of Institutions, interacting with students and training them in hands-on machine learning and the Lean methodology.