Girls In Tech Orients #SheDevelopsTech In Association with Wavelabs, Microsoft and Nasscom

India is presently experiencing a tremendous transformation in terms of women in technology. The days when women were barely familiar with technology have evidently faded with more and more women delving deep into technology. However, though, the rural areas of our nation still have no solid access technology like tier-1 cities. To make technology more accessible and educate the values of entrepreneurship to young women from tier-2 and tier-3 cities, Girls In Tech organized ‘She Develops Tech’, a workshop that witnessed a participation from 200 young women, mentors from diverse walks of life, instructors from the heart of technology etc.

Presided by distinguished guests from the US Consulate, Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna, Director, AICTE, Government of Telangana, Government of AP, and Government of Odisha, Wavelabs conducted this workshop in association with Microsoft IDC and Nasscom.

Imagine a gathering of 200 girls bubbling with a plethora of ideas and enthusiasm! Built on the philosophy that great ideas emanate from each of us without any barriers of educational background, the workshop was a perfect culmination of bright minds who were oriented on technology, concepts such as Design Thinking, Lean UX, and finally, on how to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). As the content partner for the workshop, Wavelabs oriented the mentors to lead the teams of girls, brainstorm with the team and help them ask the right questions.


The Process of Orientation

The idea behind the workshop was to help the girls plunge into the latest happenings of technology. What went behind in making it happen was a series of several workshops for the mentors over the weekends by Wavelabs. Here, the mentors worked collectively in coming up with ideas of their own for building user personas, journey maps etc. These interactive weekend workshops prepared us for the main workshop that was held on June 21st-22nd at Microsoft IDC.

Key Takeaways

The two-day workshop was a perfect blend of knowledge training and motivational talks by guest speakers. The girls had the opportunity of networking with the speakers, instructors, technology specialists etc. while working towards building their ideas. Right from conceiving an idea to presenting them in the most coveted manner, the girls were positioned to learn a great deal of new things in the two days.

Breaking the barriers with technology as an aid, Girls In Tech created a platform for these young girls to transform their dreams into realities. In the end, 5 best ideas were chosen from a pool of 70 innovative ideas, which will be taken forward into development. Needless to mention, every girl walked home as a winner with bigger and better opportunities awaiting.