We are all about the work we do. Not that we really want to brag about it, but here's what we do

We bootstrap. Like It's Nobody's Business.

Bootstrapping is one of our specializations and we have bootstrapped a number of startups which are currently flourishing. While bootstrapping a startup, we ensure we have a thorough understanding of the needs and requirements, and plan and deploy solutions accordingly.

Want to build a basic app under 2 weeks?
We got you covered!

If you have an idea, it shouldn't be locked inside a closet. It must be out in the open doing great things that it is intended to do. Your million dollar idea doesn't have to wait for a miracle. The starter codes we've built ever so carefully with much precision and research enables you to build your idea into an app with four versions - iOS, Android, mobile, and desktop. We are constantly working on making this experience more seamless where you can kickstart your Startup after building the app. We aim to create starter codes that build an app in 3 days. We are at it!

Core Competencies

Right from the inception of Wavelabs, we have been building world class SaaS applications using Groovy on Grails, jQuery, AngularJS, NodeJs etc.

Quality Analysis

We take pride in offering one of the best QA teams that fixes bugs efficiently and understands the key aspects of testing. Our expertise lies in the following tools:

Mobile Apps

With the changing times and progress in the world, people are slowing moving towards mobile apps which have proved to be more convenient. To run with the pace of the world, our engineers have mastered the skills of building robust mobile apps for iOS and Android using Ionic.


We definitely do not belong to the category to use outdated technologies. We ramp ourselves with the latest and niche technologies to make our work stand out. We use platforms like Apache Hadoop, Couchbase, MongoDB etc.