People over work. Mind over matter.

Freedom On the Go

We are firm believers of the fact that creativity thrives in freedom. We vouch for a pretty casual and lively work culture with an open door policy, which gives us liberty to express our views and concerns. But it doesn’t end right there, we are also encouraged to innovate and come up with ideas constantly. Often we avail the opportunities to work from home or exercise leaves but we are responsible enough to get our work done on time.

Fantastic Diversity

We are all wired differently. We take our work seriously, but we do so with lot of fun. You can take our word for it. Because working with different companies ranging from startups to established companies comes with a lot of benefits such as a bunch of creative people, perpetual buzz of ideas, scope to experiment, and innovate, you’ll see a lot of diversity among us.

Rolling the Fun Times

Whoever said that all work and no play makes you miserable and boring hit bull’s eye! Because we like to walk in to see happy faces every day. To make ourselves feel at home, our HQ is decked with a gym, a wellness room, and a recreation room with board games amongst various other things. We love pampering ourselves!

Making a Difference

Our love for the society is above and beyond. Corporate Social Responsibility plays a key role in our work culture. We closely work with a few organizations to make the world a better place to live in. We are responsible citizens and we love it when we see reflections of smiles on our faces because of the good we do.

Building Future Leaders

We take pride in being the leaders of the future in time. And leaders aren’t built overnight. So, we work hard to get there, we motivate ourselves to explore, experiment, and learn. We choose stimulating projects, and work on our ideas. We might compromise on the quantity of cheese on our pizza but never on the quality of our work. We do the best. Only.

Partying and Bonding

We love the afterglow of partying and bonding. Come on, who doesn’t like to go easy after cracking that amazing project? We do fun stuff regularly -- team lunches, fun activities, New Year's eve celebrations, ethnic days, team outings, birthday parties, and a lot more. Everyone’s a child at heart, and it’s the fun stuff like this that brings out that part from us. And the team that has fun together, works together.