We take pride in working closely with you in nurturing your startup right from its inception. Apart from guiding and assisting you, we take giant steps to provide infrastructure, market access, technical support etc.

The incubation period for the startups is around 6 months. At the end of the period, we organize a Startup Showcase. You got to keep your MVP ready and validate your ideas because you'll be pitching your startup to a bunch of investors at the Startup Showcase.

We accept applications twice a year, and 3 startups per batch. We do sleepovers with our team to screen the applications diligently. Together we choose the most promising startups, and invite them over to discuss in detail.

But worry not, if you believe your million dollar idea would make us go 'Eureka!' send us an email at info@wavelabs.in. We are all ears.

And who knows, if the next revolutionary product is lurking right inside your mind, we’ll get in touch with you.


Mentorship is the chunk of cake we offer. You do not have to be a startup incubating with us to connect yourself with our insightful mentors. You could be just anyone looking for valuable advice. Apply, and we’ll connect you with our mentors. Seek advice, take home some serious knowledge, and get working with a whole new perspective.

If you are a mentor and you find this interesting, just send in your application at incubator@wavelabs.in, and we'll get in touch with you.

Hold on to your million dollar idea.
We might just love it.

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