The Development Dialogue held at Nizamabad opened a great avenue for several conversations that matter. Hosted by Kakatiya Sandbox, this second edition of Development Dialogue attracted participants from various backgrounds across the country.

The basic premise of Development Dialogue is that it celebrates solution-seeking and solution-leading people from diverse sectors who are united by their purpose to create sustainable solutions. It is an international conglomeration of social entrepreneurs, leaders from non-profit and for-profit organizations, Government officials, grassroots practitioners and impact investors, coming together to inspire, share insights and forge productive collaborations.

The theme of 2017’s event was ‘Scaling Effectively’, which was inaugurated by K.T. Rama Rao, IT Minister, Telangana. Vineel Nalla, CEO, Wavelabs and Founder, 50K Ventures was one of the distinguished panelists along with Jayesh Ranjan, Raju Reddy, Phanindra Sama etc.

The event was a perfect blend of innovation and entrepreneurship, which served as a great inspiration to the participants. With speakers like Lakshmi Pratury, Dr. Krishna Reddy, Dr. “Desh” Deshpande embracing the stage, we readily got our scoop on how important it is to stay motivated and cross hurdles every time we face one. The entrepreneurs and speakers shared their experiences with the participants and the best part was that we were able to have one on one conversations with the speakers and guests. The expert suggestions on entrepreneurship and how their bitter experiences led them towards success has kept us hooked.

A particular mention must go to Agastya students who made the already interesting event more vibrant with their 3D models and projects in the science exhibition.

Like all good events, this one too has given us a fresh perspective on myriad issues. But more importantly, we now know the challenges that rural entrepreneurs face and how they overcome them to create great stories.

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