Personalized Mugs for Adding a Dash of Colour

A morning might be good for coffee and contemplation. But the coffee mug must be a good reminder for our priorities, thoughts, and interests. When 2016 was coming to an end, we figured that we’ll begin our 2017 with a little something for ourselves. We decided on getting custom made coffee mugs for everyone at Wavelabs.


The idea is simple – the front face of the mug would carry our ‘logo and philosophy’, the back face would have an artwork or text of our choice. Also, we put our names of the mugs to give it an even personalized touch.

As we have a culture where everyone’s thoughts and interests are celebrated, we chose artwork that reflected our thoughts, quotes that inspired us, graphics that defined our personality, and family photographs that created a certain warmth.


What happened next was an exciting phase of hustling where we came up with several patterns and designs. The best designs were chosen, and the mugs were all set to be printed. The fact that we were curious to see how the mugs would look in the end made the whole process more interesting.


Well, in the end, what we received was exciting. Aided with a lot of colours and graphics, the mugs are perfect for an early morning thought process. A total win for us!

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