New Year Celebrations – Welcoming 2017, Together.

2016 was particularly eventful for a lot of good reasons. We grew in number, we moved to a new HQ, we failed and learned a great deal, and more importantly, we began working on more things that we truly believe in.


We’ve always had the ritual of celebrating festivals and major events, together. The New Year celebrations too were no different. Although, we wanted to try something different this time – for instance, a day full of activities that kept different teams involved. Right from the bay decoration contests to a treasure hunt, we pretty much had it all.


To bid a warm farewell to 2016, we began our 30th December (the last working day of the year) on an exciting note. We started decorating our workspaces and kept adding colour and vibe to best represent it with our tastes and interests. At the end of the day, our workplace looked bright and cheerful – all set for 2017. After a hearty lunch, we all sat together to watch a surprise skit by Freshers, which left us splitting our sides. Following this was a treasure hunt that kept us on our toes, but the clues led one team ahead of everyone to the treasure. As the end came close, we cut the cake, posed for pictures and welcomed 2017, together.


As we embark on 2017, we’re thoroughly excited about building meaningful products, learning new technologies, and a fun-filled year.

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