Girls In Tech Bootcamp On ‘Power Tools: Confidence, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship’

The word on the street is out!
Girls In Tech’s bootcamp on ‘Power Tools: Confidence, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship’ brought together around 300 women from diverse backgrounds like technology, fashion, entrepreneurship, and business under one roof. This 3-day long bootcamp was particularly eventful with a perfect fusion of pitches, interactive discussions, activities, and more. The participants largely benefitted from the brainstorming sessions, case studies, and the workshops that were conducted at the event on all the days.


The speaker, Hilary MJS Weber, Founder & CEO of Opportu Startup Innovation, is an entrepreneur, Berkeley-Haas MBA, seasoned business leader, leadership consultant, experienced executive and team coach, and a healthcare industry veteran. The intent was to make all the participants business ready at the end of the bootcamp.

On the final day of the event, the participants had the opportunity to pitch their ideas, and startups to pitch their entrepreneurial acumen to the jury. The teams had an entrepreneur each and were mentored by the industry experts. After running a detailed and well-planned market research, the teams have formulated their ideas. This process was also well captured in the form of interactive videos. The jury consisted of seasoned entrepreneurs, Startup ecosystem experts etc. Each presentation lasted for 3 minutes and the very brevity of them made the whole presentations very interesting.


Hilary MJS Weber has created a curriculum on how to train and hand hold aspiring entrepreneurs through their arduous journey. “The first module is about building confidence — it’s always there, but hiding somewhere. We need to restore it back to help them focus on ideating, developing teams and building businesses,” she said to Hindu Business Line. Read the full article here.

Wavelabs was one of the sponsors of the bootcamp, and we are really glad to be associated with Girls In Tech right from the beginning.

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