The best part about accomplishing something amazing doesn’t just stop with the accomplishment alone. It is only the first big step towards building more, stronger learning, and creating something substantial for the world. However, the joy of overcoming the first challenge should never be ignored too. It has to be celebrated, by all means.


At Wavelabs, we are particular about celebrating our mistakes and accomplishments. Mistakes lead us to a better learning and accomplishments push us towards building more things. On the 17th of October, we arrived at the beta phase of, that offers you a wonderful way of building apps with our modules. Our dev team has been enthusiastically working on it for weeks now. We brainstormed a great deal and experimented thoroughly before attained its final shape. With the motive of offering its user an ability to build apps under 60 minutes, is on the path of getting even seamless and efficient to yield better results.

To celebrate its first step, we called for a little meetup that included its demo and a party with beer and pizza on the house.


After congratulating the team behind, we all moved to the rooftop to celebrate the success of the team.

So, to know more about, visit

Feel free to explore and ask questions.

And while you are at it, keep an eye on this space for more details.

P.S. This also marks the opening of another huge event for us – The Game of Codes. In 2015, we had our first season of Game of Codes that witnessed 8 apps by 8 teams within 45 days. This time, the madness only gets bigger, better and the rewards? Nothing like before!

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