To conceive a beautiful idea and not transform it into a compelling business plan and later into reality is an inexcusable sin. Often while creating a business plan that is both viable and executable, entrepreneurs need more than just having an idea. They need the guidance and the mentorship of seasoned mentors and their expertise. So, if you are looking for a learning experience that encompasses all of it, you’re in for some luck! With Wavelabs as the knowledge partner, TiE Hyderabad is conducting MobiTech BootCamp, an exciting event for entrepreneurs on the 10th of September, 2016. The motive behind this bootcamp is to position mobile technology and application startups at a level where they can build and validate their business model, gain a deeper understanding of scaling a mobile technology company, and more importantly, learn how to attract investors from the best of the industry experts.


Why Should You Attend?
– To create an engaging business model that’s viable and executable or to enhance your existing business model.
– For gaining a better understanding of UX and customer execution strategies
– To know how funding works

And of course, to meet different people and get inspired!

To reserve a seat, head over here:

We only have limited registrations, so please rush. You wouldn’t want to regret missing out on a bootcamp this immersive and proficient.

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