Wavelabs was back with yet another edition of Ideathon and this time, it was more intense and immersive. In our previous post on Ideathon, we talked about how ideas must not be locked inside a closet, and that they must be out in the open doing things they are truly intended to do. With that motive in our mind, we came up with Ideathon – where associates can share their ideas with the members of the organization and brainstorm with them. The ones who believe in the ideas and are interested in building them team up together for making the ideas a reality.


On the 29th of July, we came together for the second edition of Ideathon where our folks, Kamran and Avinash pitched their ideas to everyone. The presentations lasted for 10-15 minutes which were followed by a Q&A session where the presenters have received a well-rounded feedback from the participants.


We absolutely loved how everyone took an active participation and added their valuable suggestions to make the ideas even better. The fact that the session was humorous made it for an even better Friday.

The whole concept behind Ideathon is to work together on building these ideas into apps or products that matter. The interested individuals get to form a team and participate in adding wings to those ideas. We have an Ideathon once a month, and we hope this makes way for more brilliant ideas!

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