If you have an idea, it shouldn’t be locked inside a closet. It must be out in the open doing great things that it is intended to do. And it is said that most of the ideas turn into a reality only when they are shared with others. Ideas, new ways of thinking, brainstorming, minds brewing more ideas and innovating things together. That’s exactly what brought us to Ideathon.


An Ideathon is basically a platform for different individuals to share their ideas, brainstorm together, and possibly build it together with a couple of interested individuals.

Kishore Puranam presenting his idea.

On the 24th of June, we had our first Ideathon session with Kishore Puranam and Vijaya Sekhar leading the session. It was a very interactive session where they put forward their ideas and everyone had the opportunity to discuss and brainstorm them together. We were completely glad about the response the ideas have received, and now, it has only created a path for a lot of us to share more through this platform.

Vijaya Sekhar gearing up for his idea.

The whole concept behind Ideathon is to work together on building these ideas into apps or products that matter. The interested individuals get to form a team and participate in adding wings to those ideas. We intend to have an Ideathon once a month, and we hope this makes way for more brilliant ideas!

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